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logement Orchidee
Logement Orchidee

A charming chalet  from the millennium year 2000,

completely canexel exterior, double insulated and double glazed.

After it was placed on our spot, the Buzzard 6, there have been many adjustments and restorations.

* New insulated roof with downspouts

* Sanded and painted

* New  durable parquet floor

* Shower and toilet separated

* Built-in refrigerator and combi oven-microwave

* C.V  radiators installed  ( not connected  on gas)_cc781905-5bbcde-3194_bad

*  Extra space in the bedroom

*  2 person box spring

*  Electric boiler 

* 4 burner gas stove (we didn't use, we cooked electric)

*extractor hood

* Raised terrace with roof, completely   to be closed by means of sails with large windows. Lovely warm as soon as the sun shines! 


*Scandinavian sofa + table 

* Rural look  TV cabinet

* Pax cupboard wall with baskets

*  Smart tv  (no major). 


The shed is used as a storage room, laundry and linen room.

It does require care and attention (sanding, painting, finishing)

What comes with sales?

* economical washing machine

* Dryer

* theses

* refrigirator with freezer

The garden around it.

*2 terraces

* lounge set with cushions 


* Many perennials and maintenance friendly

Information annual rates and connection costs: see website Flevo-Natuur

Monthly electricity with us around de  125 euros. 

You are not allowed to rent it out, but you can receive guests if you are at home. 

If you are already interested, please contact us via e-mail  to receive the sales conditions and the sales amount.

Photos to follow in January! 

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Logement Orchidee
Veel kastruimte
logement Orchidee
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